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 projects sector
 about us
article02 bullet This sector supervises several administrations that work on studies, research, follow-up, planning and supervising on the execution process. This sector handles all researches related to tenders and contracts. This is done through a technical office experienced and specified in this field. Planning and execution is done through this office as it is qualified with advanced equipments and information technology systems. It also supervises the quality of our results in co-operation with other consultants. .
equipments sector
about us2
article02 bullet Our company owns a large fleet of equipments equal to that owned by the great companies of the this field. We posses a big number of bulldozers (of different models), loaders, excavators, hammers, moto-graders, rollers for soil compaction, asphalt rollers, asphalt finchers with lazier technology for leveling control.

This fleet serves central maintenance workshops, managed by the best technicians and engineers who are trained on how to use the equipments in training centers of the manufactural companies in USA, Europe and Japan.

We have high qualified administrations specialized in the mechanical and electrical instrumentation of stations of irrigation water, drinking water, sanitation, as well as the disengagement and installation of different production units.
production units sector
about us3
article02 bullet This sector is one of the most important sectors. It is considered the main production line for all projects and the material needed for all civil works.

We posses a big number of stone breakers and we are willing to increase them. Most of our production units have a strategic location that serves 8 governerates: Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, 6th of October, Al-Qalyubia, Al-Munufya, Al-Behera and Marsa Matrouh. Besides, this sector supervises a great number of stone mines and a reserve of essential stones for the breaking process, which qualifies these units to work continuously now, and for the future.

The company owns highly productive asphalt concrete mixing stations, all controlled automatically. As well, it owns a number of central units for concrete mixing with automatic control to provide different projects with ready-made concrete for the construction of bridges, coastal facilities, lining of canals and the construction of residential buildings.
This sector supervises the important transportation methods inside and outside the company. This section is divided into:
article02 bullet Material Transportation: It transports and provides the needed material to locations of production, and from the stores to different work locations. It also transports material to the mixing stations (whether it was asphalt or cement), and transports cement or asphalt to projects locationse.
article02 bullet Machines Transportation: It transports all machines and equipments including loader, bulldozers, excavators...etc. using a huge fleet of carriers. It provides locations with all its needs of machines and equipment in the right time.
article02 bullet Supporting human cadres and workers by through training and development. Providing scholarships for the distinctive ones in the fields of technicalities, quality assurance, industrial security and administrative management
article02 bullet Achieving high performance in all sectors and fields, to be officially certified from the ISO.