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article02 bullet El Ragheb for contracting was established in 1971. Since then we've been keen on building fundamental basics and ethics to gain our customers' trust and confidence.
article02 bullet We are grateful to god for giving us what we wished for. Now, El Ragheb for General Contracting (formerly Modern Architectural Contracting) has become one of the biggest contract and construction companies that has crossed the local borders and launched to work internationally.From the very beginning, we have set our main goals. These goals are about one principle: ""Developing the community within the framework ofthe state's economical development ". Most of the projects we accomplished are of developmental, strategic causes.
article02 bullet Starting from the south of the valley in Toushka, to the international coastal road in the far north. And from the coast of the Red Sea in Safagato the oasis, passing by the upper egypt in Sohag.
article02 bullet We spread our work all over Egypt to participate in the developmentprocess we are witnessing and to establish new communities that would go in parallel the states policy regarding expanding the vivid areas away from the nile valley, in order to take in more population and achieve a better life for the people.
article02 bullet To achieve our aim; we use the most recent technological equipments and progressed techniques, and we rely on high qualified employees. We are always keen on developing our resources to guarantee a strong entity.
article02 bullet We pray to god to help us reach our goals and achieve a better future forus and our beloved country, Egypt.
To achieve our goals, we depend on certain visions and systems.
article02 bullet The annual increase of the amount of our work and productions. The increase of the equipment used to support our target of production .
article02 bullet Supporting human cadres and workers by through training and development
article02 bullet Expanding our business internationally and establishing projects in the arab region and africa, as we are experienced through our projects in Sudan and other Arab countries.
article02 bullet Being one of the lead contracting companies in the Middle East, Africa and the Arab countries and worldwide.
article02 bullet The continuous development of our techniques and equipments to run in parallel with the latest international technologies, in order to be fully qualified. The preventive maintenance for our equipments to keep them fully adequate.
article02 bullet Supporting human cadres and workers by through training and development. Providing scholarships for the distinctive ones in the fields of technicalities, quality assurance, industrial security and administrative management
article02 bullet Achieving high performance in all sectors and fields, to be officially certified from the ISO.
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